Content & Content Strategy

I produce or strategize content for all phases of your marketing cycle:

  • Awareness – Attention
  • Authority – Interest
  • Engagement – Desire
  • Conversion – Action
  • Retention – Support

Inbound Marketing Content

A great piece of inbound content is like an ATM deposit: it puts useful capital in the hands of your leads so that they will be compelled to withdraw by purchasing your products and services. By positioning yourself as THE go-to expert, you become the obvious choice when it is time to buy.

Landing Pages and other web content

Focus on specific marketing efforts with precision and then measure and fine-tune your results. I can write the content pieces for landing pages, the landing pages themselves, and create the site or subsite for them – one-stop shopping!

sample landing page
A landing page for a case study

Blog Postings

A compelling blog post increases discovery of and traffic to your site, increases lead generation, establishes your expertise and authority, and drives long-term results. Get a new Blog Posting or Article here!


A whitepaper, whether technical or not, is valuable information that your lead can use. By sharing your expertise with useful information, your brand will be at the top of the list when it is time to buy.

Video Scripts & Videos

For marketing, a professional video engages your audience and drives traffic to your site like nothing else. Capture your audience by making your message compelling and clear.

Here is a sample script for a short video (Pre-production, approximately 3 minutes in length)


e-Books provide real value that establishes your authority and position you as the “go-to” expert in your industry. Unlike brochures that get “round-filed”, they are kept due to their value. I have had one client who used only a website and an eBook for Marketing. They became known as the “go-to” expert for their industry in Silicon Valley, including major players like Apple and Google.

I can write or edit your book, and also prepare it for E-book (e.g. Kindle) and Print-On-Demand paperback or other physical book format.

Case Studies

A real story (social proof) provides a better demonstration of value, features, and benefits, adoption by trusted companies, and product fit than any other form of marketing.

See a sample case study here.

Data Sheets

Prospective customers for high ticket items want “just the facts”, in a concise comparable format for their research. Highlight the specs and unique value of your product that will make their decision easier!

See a sample data sheet here.

Brochures and other Marketing Collateral

Only after you have positioned your expertise, qualified and educated your leads and taken them to a decision point, will a brochure or sales pitch be fully appreciated.

Documentation, Training Materials and Follow-up communications

Keep your customers by further engagement, support and training. Reduce customer frustration while also reducing support calls by making information clear and accessible.

Outbound Marketing Content

Descriptions Coming Soon – message me if you need something now.

In the meantime check out warm email marketing automated by

Content Strategy

Descriptions Coming Soon – message me if you need something now

Focused Research

Descriptions Coming Soon – message me if you need something now