The only lead magnet you’ll ever need

The Magic e-Book

Eugene Heil, at Abstraction Engineering,  is an engineer who knows how to design, test, and certify machinery of all kinds to be compliant with any number of safety standards. I got to work with him when some of his clients needed documentation written or re-written to comply with some of these standards. When his company was new, I wanted to help him with leads, using whitepapers, case studies, and other proven lead magnets. He decided he wanted only the “Big Kahuna” of lead magnets – a technical reference book. He wrote it, and I edited and illustrated several editions (He updates the book frequently to reflect the changes to safety standards). I also created his website.

With just a website and an e-book for a lead magnet, he went from zero to being the “go-to” expert throughout Silicon Valley and beyond. Companies like Google or Apple tell their machine installers or designers to “make it like this book!”. The book demonstrates his expertise, and there isn’t a single sales pitch involved in the process. The book is a reference that many designers, installers, and operators keep handy.

You can buy a copy of this book, and see what a singular powerful lead magnet looks like!