Your Professional B2B Website is the hub of your digital marketing presence

Your website is not just a website.  It is the major hub of your business systems. It is your front door and your branding. Through it, you generate leads, close sales, support customers, and organize internal information.  A complete business website includes:

  • Lead-Generating Content and Lead-Capturing landing pages
  • Brand identity and positioning
  • eCommerce and online sales
  • Customer Support through documentation, training, videos, and support tickets
  • Connections to other business processes such as your CRM (Talk to me about CRMs that work seamlessly with WordPress)
  • Intranet tools (because your internal customers are also important)

While my focus is on full B2B sites for Silicon Valley industries, I have done a wide range of sites for many different types of businesses, some which are small and simple.  You can see examples of the range of projects I have done here.

I can also create a specific campaign landing page to go with your existing site as needed, using your existing brand.

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