Recommended Services

The following services are those that we use and recommend. Some of these are also affiliate links. I can customize recommendations and explain the relative strengths and weaknesses of these services.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a complete business suite that integrates with your Digital Marketing Presence

  • Get Gmail with addresses for your domain
  • Full-featured Chat and Meet apps - better and cheaper than Zoom or Slack.
  • The calendar for your business - connect your team, devices and websites.
  • 2 Terabytes of Cloud Storage
  • A business version of Google Office - Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms
  • Develop easy no-code apps with AppSheet.
  • Get other apps in the Google Marketplace that integrate seamlessly with Google Workspace apps.

Use my referral link to sign-up, and I will give you a free consulting session to get set up!

CRM and marketing tools

HubSpot CRM (free!): This has become my go-to CRM.  It is simple, but has many integrations with other software I use.

Fluent CRM: A CRM that can be run from within WordPress

Fluent Booking: Appointment booking for WordPress

PipelinePRO: Another CRM with lots of features

E-commerce / Shopping Carts

E-commerce needs to work in concert with your overall workflow.  Some carts can be part of your accounting or CRM systems, but others allow the greatest flexibility within WordPress. When I work on your website or landing pages, I make sure that you have a seamless system for running your business.

SureCart. This is a great solution that uses several payment processors. You can start free, and upgrade as you need.

Studiocart. This is another sophisticated e-commerce system that works right within WordPress.  If you use me for hosting and care, I have several licenses that sites can use without additional cost, or you can use the link to purchase a license.

Domain Registration

Register Your Domains Hassle-Free with Namecheap
.COM for just $6.98 at Namecheap


Get Business Email accounts for your domain! As low as 91 cents per month!

If you purchase Namecheap Private Email with the above affiliate link, I will move your email to it for free!

An alternative for email hosting is Google Workspace (see above). I will also move your email for free if you use my referral link.

Email / Outbound Marketing

We use for some of our outbound emails. The emails are closer to warm than cold, and you can use your own leads or leads provided by Luna!


3D Web Development

I use and recommend DigiWorldz for Opensimulator hosting.

We use Ramnode for easily deployable cloud hosting.

I run Ubuntu Linux and Windows 11 on top of my Macbook Pro M3 without breaking a sweat, thanks to Parallels Desktop.

Get business automation tools to streamline your work flow with Make (formerly Integromat)

Get an easily configurable chatbot for your site using Quriobot.